Growth of a strong family.

The business, which currently comprises three sites across Central and Eastern Europe, started out in a modest workshop. Over the decades and through all the various ups and downs, the milestones below reveal an understanding of technological change and a real flair for being there for our customers just when they need us.


  1. In order to improve the sustainability of our Group, all production plants are equipped with photovoltaic systems

  2. Substantial investments are being made in automated turning and grinding machines at the Novogear competence center for the rail vehicle sector.

  3. The Humbel Group obtains the ISO 9001 Group certificate. The newly introduced quality management system enables the Humbel Group to improve and standardize internal processes across the various locations.

  4. PWC

    Development, validation and series production of a complete planetary gearbox in e-mobility for our US customer Pure Watercraft

  5. The Group's expertise in cubic machining is strengthened by investments in new machining centers. Larger gearbox housings can now also be fully machined.

  6. Successful implementation of the research project on tooth root optimization, in which the power density can be increased and the installation space and noise level can be significantly reduced. The demonstrable added value gives our customers a decisive competitive advantage.

  7. Expansion of engineering with a focus on complete gearbox developments and research activities in cooperation with renowned technical universities.

  8. M20 1197 fine 1

    The intensive and inspiring partnership between Porsche's engineering department and Humbel has resulted in the joint development of highly complex components for Formula E.

  9. Humbel Geartec (UK) Ltd. is founded as a distribution subsidiary. This brings us closer to our customers in Northern Europe too, which is so important for both parties. The choice of location is no accident, with England being such a leader in motor sport, aviation, and defence.

  10. 2013 Humbel Thailand

    Humbel Geartec (Thailand) Ltd. is founded in Bangkok, Thailand. It is an important procurement and distribution hub in the Asian market and supports a successful supply chain for die-cast housing and machining work.

  11. The Humbel Group opens a new distribution site in Mindelheim (Germany) under the name Humbel Geartec GmbH in order to look after its growing customer base in Germany and Austria more effectively.

  12. HPT Humbel Produktionstechnik SRL in Romania extends its production space in two phases in order to cope with growing demand. HPT now also runs its own hardening shop in the extensions.

  13. 2005 Novogear Neubau

    A modern extension enables Novogear Technologies to incorporate its own hardening shop and create better conditions for assembly work.

    Urs Humbel joins the Board of Directors and takes over the management of the Humbel Group two years later. This ensures further continuity for the family business into the fourth generation.

  14. 2001 Humbel Hpt Sebes

    Humbel founds HPT Humbel Produktionstechnik SRL in Romania, its second subsidiary. Boasting a stock of modern machinery, the plant also produces large runs at favourable rates and to the customary Humbel quality standards.

  15. Novogear Technologies erects a modern, purpose-built new structure at its current site in Frýdek-Místek.

  16. The founding of Novogear Technologies in the Czech Republic sees Humbel expand abroad as the business opens its first plant in Eastern Europe.

  17. 1980 Humbel Fabrik

    At the Kradolf site, the production area more than doubles in size with the building of an extension.

  18. Willi Humbel, from the third generation, assumes responsibility for running the business. Thomas Humbel joins the company in 1978 and helps his brother Willi with the engineering and IT sides of the business. The Board of Directors now comprises a mixture of second and third-generation family members alongside Josef, Willi, and Thomas Humbel.

  19. 1966 Wilhelm Humbel

    Zahnrad Fabrik W. Humbel u. Söhne AG says goodbye to its founder Wilhelm Humbel Snr. His unstinting efforts paved the way for the many years of success the company is to enjoy.

  20. 1964 Humbel Fabrik 4

    In September 1964, the new factory is opened at Oberfeldstrasse 9 in Kradolf. The modern building offers better working conditions, with plenty of room for the constantly expanding stock of machinery.

  21. 1947 Humebl Familie

    After years of hard work, Wilhelm Humbel has laid the foundations for a viable business. The workshop is constantly being equipped with better machinery capable of superior performance. As early as 1947, the factory covers 400 sqm. Sons Wilhelm and Paul join the firm, followed 6 years later by son Joseph, adding real value to the business. The company is duly renamed as Zahnrad Fabrik W. Humbel u. Söhne AG.

  22. 1928 Humbel Werk

    Wilhelm Humbel founds Zahnradfabrik W. Humbel and starts manufacturing the first gears in his own home with just one machine. The qualified mechanical engineer, with broad knowledge and experience of the engineering industry, is aware from the outset that only total dedication will help him build a customer base and cope with the competition.