Our culture
our values

One attitude, one promise, and one ambition. These three pillars shape our culture, our dealings with our customers, and everything we do – and are also reflected in the high quality of our products.

Our promise

Whatever helps our customers
Our flair for innovation is as varied as the needs of our customers.

Always at the right time
We are constantly optimising our processes and methods. This makes us both fast and agile.

High quality with no compromises
The best solution implemented to the highest standards. As simple as that.

Someone to rely on
We are big believers in planning and the reliability for which Switzerland is famous.

Our Values


We promote a culture of mutual support, characterized by openness and respect. Every team member makes a significant contribution to the joint success of our company.


We are characterized by a responsible way of working. We are aware of our common goals and stand by our word.


We guarantee top quality and use resources responsibly. Our expertise and innovations offer customers considerable added value. Constant improvements drive us forward.

Positive mindset

Our approach is solution-oriented, focusing on effective solutions rather than problems. We prefer simplicity in solutions and communication, while remaining clear and direct. We also always maintain our sense of humor.

Our Ambition

The history of human progress is one of collaboration. Those who want to start something big get together with those who know how. With this type of interaction, a focus on the joint enterprise at hand tends to deliver more than each individual party can achieve on their own.

And this works best when people are in close agreement about what is important and what can be taken as read. We are talking about the kind of closeness that binds families together. For us, this means establishing a consensus within the business when it comes to reliability, quality standards, and a focus on working together. And we are very much of one mind in this respect.

The way we work together is informed by a sense of family. We want to help each other progress, but the main focus is on helping our customers too. For us, this provides the basis for easy integration of skills and competences – without any friction either. We work seamlessly both for and with our customers in a spirit of close partnership.