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Patrick Wirz

CEO Humbel Humbel

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Success Story - Services

High-speed engineering

The Humbel Group offers highly specialised engineering for all manner of different mechanical applications and aims to switch up a gear or two in this area in future.

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Our production services

Gear cutting
  • Spur and helical gears up to Ø 800 mm
  • Internal ring gears up to Ø 600 mm
  • Bevel gears, straight and helical up to Ø 600 mm
  • Simplex and multiple worm gears up to Ø 250 mm
  • Worm wheels up to Ø 800 mm
  • Sprockets up to Ø 800 mm
  • Straight and helical racks up to 2,000 mm
  • Multi-taper profiles, involute profiles, tapered toothing, pulleys
  • Spur and helical gears up to Ø 800 mm
  • Internal ring gears up to Ø 500 mm
  • Cylindrical worms and threads up to Ø 150 mm
  • Multiple splines, involute splines
  • External cylindrical grinding, internal cylindrical grinding, surface grinding, flat grinding, central grinding, sharpening of hobs
Broaching/wire erosion
  • Spline grooves, standardised and non-standard hub profiles
  • CNC turning, tip turning
  • Spline groove milling, CNC machining centre
Heat treatment
  • Annealing, tempering, case-hardening, quenching
Quality inspection
  • Involute and tooth alignment checks
  • Pitch checks, two-flank meshing tests, 3D coordinate measuring machine